Armadio: italian for closet, a place to hung clothes and store things.

venerdì 12 aprile 2013

"We're like artists [...]"

Sometime I just fell like this.

A volte mi sento così.

Girl  - God, I thought I was the only one ashamed of my pores.
Quinn - We're all ashamed of our pores, but you mustn't be ashamed of your shame.
Jane - So, you did the compassionate thing, and look where it got you.
Daria - She's more popular than ever. We set out to make an exposé, it ends up a love letter.
Jane - See, we're like artists, and this is how we screw ourselves.
Quinn - And you, too, can have bouncy hair if you just take the time to bounce from the inside out. Come on, everyone! Bounce with me!

(sorry, but I wasn't able to find an English speaking video)  

xx, Emiliano. 

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