Armadio: italian for closet, a place to hung clothes and store things.

venerdì 25 luglio 2014

First day of freedom

Hi there! I just had the last exam of this semester yesterday and now I'm going to enjoy the freedom I erarned!
Now, since now I'm free, I finally can recap these last months.

As I said before, I had a very tough time in these last months, but during this heavy time I met some very good friends, who helped me out in these hard times alongside to my old friends. I'm very grateful to them.

Anyway, the biggest issue I had in this period, apart from university, was my hair. I let them grow, for about half an year, then I made them be trimmed and from that point on, they started to grow straight and more fragile than ever. Due to this fact I cut them off and, fortunately, now they are growing strog and thick again.

I also could check an element form my wishlist: I bought a borsalino-like hat!

Moreover, In june, I turned 20, therefore I made a beach party and a house party in the evening. There were some friends of mine and we really had fun!

Now I'm leaving the town for the seaside, so my next post might be written from the beach!

xx, Emiliano.

PS. I will edit this post and add some photos in these days!

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